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Yacuna releases API and Sandbox for Bitcoin App Development

Londoyacunan, November 27, 2014 – Yacuna Group releases its updated Yacuna API and enables third-party developers to integrate the UK-based and -regulated Bitcoin exchange into their applications. The Yacuna API is based on REST and allows developers to create orders, read the market volume and initiate transactions on the Yacuna Bitcoin exchange. Third-party developers are provided with an official Sandbox to use a full testing environment for the official API services of the cryptocoin trading platform.
“As part of our continued commitment to provide customers with the best services in digital finance, we’re delighted to announce today the updated version of our API. Our new Sandbox will ease the tension of developers with a risk free testing environment. Instead of losing valuable Bitcoins due to testing or even false API calls, developers can now safely design and program their apps by using the Yacuna API and Sandbox. If you create an app for trading or storing Bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies, we help you to do it the right way”,
said Andrei Martchouk, CEO of the Yacuna Group.
Developers can now get accustomed to the renown UK-based Bitcoin exchange and create their own trading applications using the official Yacuna API. Yacuna’s objective is to enable developers using a risk-free testing environment to create innovative applications for the international finance market. Third-party Developers who use the Yacuna API and Sandbox are offered a rich testing environment to conduct cryptocoin transactions. In order to use the Sandbox, developers should use the testcoins provided by the Yacuna Testnet Faucet which runs on a the testnets separated from the regular blockchain. Therefore, the testcoins hold no real value and can be rendered useless at any time.
  • Yacuna.com Bitcoin Exchange: https://yacuna.com
  • Yacuna Developer API: https://yacuna.com/blog/developer-api/
  • Yacuna Sandbox: https://sandbox.yacuna.com
  • Yacuna Testnet Faucet: https://sandbox.yacuna.com/faucet/

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