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Yacuna offers instantaneous Online Bank Transfer to its cryptocurrency shop Yacuna Direct

yacunaLondon 17th March 2015: To make it even easier for interested persons to get their cryptocurrency of choice, the webshop Yacuna Direct now offers the instant payment option Online Bank Transfer.

Opened in November 2014 Yacuna Direct allows a quick selection of the desired amount of virtual currency. After providing a valid wallet address customers proceed to checkout. Yacuna now enhanced the shop by offering Online Bank Transfer as the payment method of choice.

Online Bank Transfer (OBT) is provided by Yacuna’s partner Digital Payments Europe Ltd. OBT utilizes the existing online banking function of the customers personal bank account. Through the OBT interface customers can log into their bank account and initiate a wire transfer using their TAN code. But rather than having to wait up to three days for the transfer to arrive, OBT will proceed the transaction instantaneously. Digital Payments Europe Ltd is part of the Skrill Group (former Moneybookers) and comes with a great deal of experience in online payment. That ensures maximum security of customers funds and personal data.

“The future of money lies in decentralized currencies. Therefore we think it is necessary to provide everyone with an easy, secure and reliable way to get the cryptocurrency of his or her choice. Our instant cryptocurrency shop Yacuna Direct serves this purpose very well. Our new partnership will make it even easier and cheaper for people to use their traditional bank account to get their first Bitcoin.” says Stanislav Wolf, COO of Yacuna.

Yacuna Direct allows any person to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Clam with her usual bank account. Up to a limit of 100€ the purchase can be made without any verification. For higher volumes prospective buyers need to set up a verified account at Yacuna.com.

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