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Why you should invest in Diamond DMD

dmd diamond coinDiamonds are a girls best friend it says. But now also investors in the crypto currency scene can make friends with Diamonds. Diamond (DMD) has huge potential.

Why? Find the reasons in the following article:

Some people might say it is too late to invest into Diamond DMD, but others say that it is just a bit late but not too late. If we take a look at the graphs we can see that Diamond only knows one direction in this time: Up!

Diamond DMD rises
DMD chart via coinmarketcap.com

DMD Diamond already is a veteran in the altcoin scene. It exists since the end of last year. However, despite the advanced age it is still relatively unknown in the world of crypto currencies. Currently there are about 637,000 coins; the market capitalization reached $ 165,000 today. It is supposed to be an investment and not a coin for daily payments.
Since the end of September DMD is on the go. The price went from 0,00012 BTC to a current price of 0,00065 BTC. The previous price target given by the developers is 0,005 BTC.
Now DMD is on everyone`s lips. BTC-Germany made DMD the altcoin of the week three weeks ago. Since that day the price almost doubled. Now the coin has also access to the NobleCoin marketplace, which means that you can go shopping with your DMD Diamonds. Besides gift cards for Amazon and much more you also can purchase gold and silver bullions. This addition gave the coin a huge boost. In the next months there will be a merge mining with NobleCoin via the Groestl-Algorithm. (first Groestl-merge mining worldwide)

For investors also the Diamond cloudmining could be interesting. The whole design of Diamond is to be a wealth storage coin aimed to be a good investment. So far, a total investment of $ 15,000 was made in the first investment round. BTC-Germany had the chance to test it and we are really surprised with the results. The roll-out plan of the cloudmining investment you can find here: Roll-out plan.

The dedicated developers who respond to any questions in the forums within a short time, give investors a sense of security. But even the community it working on the future of DMD. With the DiamondOS they built up a USB Bootable for Linux with integrated Diamond Wallet. This means you conect it with your computer, the system boots and over night it works for you. Then you put it back into your safe and after a month you repeat this action again. This is only possible with CPU at the moment but in the near future we will see this also for GPU.

BTC-Germany thinks, that this coin has earned a place in the long-term portfolio with justice. Many further developments are expected in the near future. (e.g. Android Wallet) And there will be an foundation around DMD in the future to support the coin, too.

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