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ROOT Data Center Becomes First Canadian Colocation Data Center to Accept Bitcoin

root-logo2xROOT Data Center is pleased to announce that they are the first Canadian Data Center to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency payment system, that’s secure and utilizes a peer to peer network.

The new payment policy took effect August 31st, 2014. Any ROOT Data Center clients can now make their monthly service payments in Bitcoin. “We believe in the importance of supporting all our clients in their business growth. Accepting Bitcoin is definitely a way that we can demonstrate our support to Bitcoin clients from Montreal and around the world. We feel strongly that Bitcoin will play an important role in how we conduct local and international trade today, but also in the foreseeable future” said CEO Jason van Gaal.

ROOT Data Center’s market position as a world class colocation provider without the world class price has been attracting lots of attention from Bitcoin miners. The data centers ability to affordably cool over 30kW/rack has made it possible for high density Bitcoin clients to reduce their operating costs by over 30% to 50%.

About ROOT Data Center

ROOT Data Center is a disruptive, next generation data center colocation provider that offers colocation services for less than the cost of power. The $20M Tier 3, carrier neutral, 5MW, 500 server rack facility is strategically located less than 15 minutes from downtown Montreal and the airport. ROOT will be the first data center provider in Montreal to deploy a next generation cooling technology that allows ROOT to offer services for 30-70% less than existing providers.

For more information visit www.rootdatacenter.com

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