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Mind the Gap Virtual Seminar for Professionals in the banking and crypto industry

mind the gapFinal 2 days till Mind the Gap Virtual Seminar for Professionals in the banking and crypto industry. Save the date April 10th !
We are so happy and shocked by the feedback of acceptance of the event with Attendees from the Banking sector even as far as Visa and American Express, Dozens of Innovation fund managers and VC Investors.Just log in from your computer at home or office.

Mindthegapexpo is the best way to get up to date information and mingle with likeminded individuals without any travel and work around your schedule.

Most sorted speakers are Adam Vaziri, Brian Kelly and Nick Grove.

Do not miss out on this 4 hour long compounded virtual event register today free and share the event around with your colleagues


2015-04-10 14:40:00 GMT / 09:40 EST: Adam Vaziri, Diacle – Coinstructors – UKDCA- Mind the Gap Opening discussion

2015-04-10 15:00:00 GMT 10:00 EST: Sian Jones Founder, EDCAB @COINSULT -The EU Regulatory Landscape for Digital Currencies

2015-04-10 15:20:00 GMT 10:20 EST: Gareth Jenkins – Founder & Lead Developer of DeckBound – Leveraging the blockchain to solve technical, commercial and consumer problems in skills-based gaming 

2015-04-10 15:40:00 GMT 10:40 EST: Peter Kirby – President at Factom – Factom is a smaller, faster, cheaper way to extend the Bitcoin Blockchain

2015-03-09 16:00:00 GMT 11:00 EST: Brian Kelly, BKCM LLC. – The Future of Finance is Flat: Exploring the Investment Opportunities Created by Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology 

2015-04-10 16:20:00 GMT 11:20 EST: Nick Grove, 44Phones – Groovix – NXT2PAY – Blockchain Enabled Mobile Network & Mobile Money Services Easy Roll out for Central Banks and other financial institutes along with Asset backed Crypto Currencies

2015-04-10 17:00:00 GMT 12:00 EST: Aaron L. Kaplan – Associate at Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC – US Securities Regulation: When Software Morphs into a Security

2015-04-10 17:20:00 GMT 12:20 EST: Igor Telyatnikov, Vice President of Operations, AlphaPoint – What it Takes to Launch a Bitcoin Exchange

2014-12-05 17:40:00 GMT 12:40 EST: Bas Wisselink, NXT Foundation – NXT 2.0 Blockchain Technology

2015-04-10 18:00:00 GMT 13:00 EST: Ron Quaranta – CEO of Digital Currency Labs LLC – Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and Wall Street

2015-04-10 18:20:00 GMT 13:20 EST: Andrew Beal – Attorney at Crowley Strategy – State and Federal regulation in the US

2015-04-10 18:40:00 GMT 13:40 EST: Lorien – CEO and founder of Bankymoon – Blockchain-aware smart metering: Bitcoin’s killer app

2015-04-10 19:00 GMT 14:00 EST: Closing Remarks to the Seminar: Dale White, Manx Telecom, UK and Channel Islands Business Development Manager – Innovation and pioneering new technology have always been part of developing the Isle of Man’s competitiveness as an international business and finance centre

See you at the event

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