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Free Money Giveaway at Yacuna ’s new Clam Cryptocoin Exchange

yacunaYacuna Ltd., the UK-based and regulated exchange for digital currencies, offers its customers Europe’s first Clam market and the first fiat money gateway for this exciting cryptocoin.

Customers can now seamlessly exchange Bitcoins or Euros into Clams or claim their free coins directly after the Signup at Yacuna.com.

“We monitor every development in the cryptocurrency world to give our customers the best value. Yacuna helps every holder of a valid bitcoin address to get their share of the initial Clam distribution. This means that every valid private key receives Clams of approximately 5 Euro value directly into their Yacuna wallet”, said Andrei Martchouk, CEO of the Yacuna Group.

Starting today, Yacuna.com’s customers can trade Clams easily and exchange them directly into Bitcoin and Euro. Clam is a Proof-of-Stake currency which has been distributed at the start to all active Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses on May 12, 2014. Users who held these cryptocoins at this specific day, probably have Clams waiting for them now. All addresses bearing a non-dust amount were given 4.60545574 Clams for free. With an exchange rate of around one Euro per Clam, this is the time for users to grab their Bitcoin wallet and get their Clams in seconds on Yacuna.

Every owner of a valid address can access Clams on Yacuna.com in three easy steps. All they need to do is to sign up, go to the deposit page and paste the private key of their old Bitcoin address into the claim field. Users are advised that they should never disclose the private keys of funded addresses to anybody. Before pasting the private key, users should always move their funds to a different address. After clicking the button, Yacuna will check if the provided key is eligible and sign a transaction that moves the customer’s Clams to their deposit address at Yacuna. Yacuna will provide instructions on how to retrieve private keys from all available wallets shortly and will always provide their customers with the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

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