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We The Dollar raised $ 50,000 USD Investment for a “Hybrid Social Media Groupism Platform”

Smart ContractsWe The Dollar, a new Social Media Crypto project which aims to unleash the potential of  the “NXT Blockchain” combined with “Information Capital & Mobile Money”, has raised  an intial $50,000 USD of stage 1 investment to deliver a full proof-of-concept pilot for a “Hybrid Social Media Groupism Platform”.

In the “Internet of Things” era “information capital” is the backbone for various companies to get-rich soon. But the “Hybrid Social Media Groupism Platform” will use “Information Capital” as a solution for reducing remittance transaction charges for the $500 billion global remittance market. But remittance is just the beginning, the whole idea is to create whole new currency system which can be globally acceptable, auditable and verifiable based on “Information Capital”, with the average online users worth in the region of $500 USD, equal to the per capita income of half the world’s population.

NETIZEN accelerated CRYPTO TOKEN, exchanging with MOBILE MONEY TOKENS on NXT2PAY, a „Blockchain based Mobile banking platform like M-Pesa“ will benefit the $500 billion remittance market by providing a simple and efficient way of handling remittance through blockchain technology and mobile money services. After the Bitcoin revolution new 2.0 block chain platforms and services are long over due.

Private investor, NXT2PAY and We The Dollar are investing money, technology and man power to demonstrate that a whole new currency system is very much possible with the combination of “Information Capital, NXT Blockchain Technology and Mobile Money Platform”.

The resulting platform, “We the Dollar”, is a combination of “Information Capital, Netizen Information, Info Matrix, Info Exchange, Loyalty Tokens, Netizen Groupism Token, Fiat Currency Backed Tokens, Low Cost Remittance Transactions and the Financial Inclusion of the Unbanked Population”.

Under the terms of the deal, arranged by London based crypto consultants Coinstructors, “We The Dollar” has a first right of refusal agreement with a new Dubai based VC company for second stage investment up to $2m USD following the conclusion of a successful proof-of-concept.

What is Blockchain mobile money?

NXT2PAY, due to launch in the coming month,  is a crypto mobile money platform using the NXT monetary system and the Asset Exchange, based on SMS2PAY a cash based mobile money platform currently operating in Africa. 

As a proof of Concept for Blockchain Mobile money, a hybrid cash and crypto platform “IPPAN” is being launched. IPPAN users will then be able to exchange their “NXTTXTFund” tokens for IPPAN Coins*, a Loyalty & Reward crypto voucher that enables users to receive discounts on every day utilities within IPPAN network services, such as secure communicator app, UK Mobile Network, Broadband and Fixed Line telecoms, all available now on ippan.org Coming very soon UK Mobile Network.

**official press release**

* 1 NXTXT token is 4.4 IPPAN. NXTTXT is currently available on www.secureae.com for as low as 12 US cents.

picture: Geralt / Pixabay Public Domain License

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