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Darkcoin launches Ambassadors Group

Darkcoin Ambassadors GroupThe Darkcoin Ambassadors Group (DAG) is a group of world-wide volunteers dedicated to educating the general public about the benefits of Darkcoin. It will make concrete the already excellent relationship between the developers and the Darkcoin community. The DAG will act as the bridge from the cryptosphere to the public sphere.

The ambassadors will get support and training from the Darkcoin team so they can spread the word about Darkcoin in places where Darkcoin is not present yet, with especial focus on real life interactions. They will explain to those not typically drawn to cryptocoins that there is a new alternative, a new approach, and one that offers true privacy.
How will this be accomplished? First, we will establish where our community is physically located. On this basis, we will build both smaller and larger teams, contingent upon the area. This will also be an excellent opportunity for Darkcoin enthusiasts to come to know one another in the real world. After that, those teams will identify opportunities in their area and prepare materials to pursue them, all in constant contact with the Darkcoin team.
Darkcoin needs to go from the virtual to the physical world to increase its adoption, and that means each ambassador spreading the name of Darkcoin as far as they can in their surroundings.
Source: Philipp Engelhorn, Darkcoin Press /Media

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