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Crypto Money Expo: Connecting to the global crypto economy with one click

Crypto Money ExpoThe crypto money virtual expo is the new meetup place for bitcoiners wherever they are.  It is happening this Friday & Saturday 5-6 of Dec. The first virtual crypto money virtual expo will go live at 11am.

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is a global phenomenon that is happening all over the world and will be affecting many industries. Keeping track on so many changes, new trends, companies,technologies and news can be overwhelming.

The 1st crypto money virtual expo aims to provide the crypto community an online meetup platform that will help them learn, meet, network and generate new business opportunities right from their own computer with no cost.

„The opportunity represented by this virtual expo for bitcoiners is huge and unprecedented, said Eyal Abramovitch , founder of Crypto money expo.“

By bringing together speakers and companies from all over the world that will cover the crypto economy from different angels and share their knowledge with the expo attendees the 1st crypto money virtual expo is an event that you can not miss. At the expo you will be able to watch and participate, via live chat, in live presentations that will cover many aspects of the crypto industry.

Visit our exhibition halls and discover and connect to dozens of new companies and service providers that will be waiting for you at their virtual booth.

Mingle and network with other attendees at the event, it is easy and friendly so don’t be shy you just need to find the person or company you are interested in and start chatting with them via regular chat or video or just exchange business cards.

Please see below some of the speakers and topics that will be presented at the expo

– Why bitcoin can be better than AppelPay by Steven Sprague CEO of Rivetz

– The evolution of Crowd Sales – Crypto by David Johnston- DApps fund

– Beyond eCommerce: Why you and your family should buy with Bitcoin by Charles A. Kiser, Jr Chief Marketing Officer BitcoinShop.US

– Practical legal guide for digital currency startups – which jurisdiction? Licence or no licence? Compliance with AML, securities laws by Adam Vaziri Director Diacls

– Beyond money: Bitcoin the technology by Peter Todd Bitcoin core developer

– Darkcoin, building the perfect eCash by Evan Duffield-Creator of Darkcoin

– The Future of the MerchantCoin Ecosystem by KIRK ST. JOHNS – MerchantCoin

For the full list please visit our agenda page


Also at the expo you will be able to listen to pitches and presentations from leading and exciting startups such as

  • Bitshares – Transparent. Secure. Sound
  • BitXatm- In bit we trust
  • zennet – public supper computer
  • CRYPTO NEXT – Launching Bitcoin Exchanges In Hours; A Global Reality
  • Nxt Inside
  • CXC – The Cash-Register for Crypto-Currency
  • The Internet of Coins
  • Veridu -We bring trust to the internet

and more

So if you are involved in the crypto world do nt forget to sign in the the 1st crypto money expo www.cryptomoneyexpo.com

Special announcement

The Bitcoin blockchain 6th birthday online party on the 3rd of January 2015 Save the date!

Crypto money expo is inviting you to the 1st online birthday party for the bitcoin blockchain. So don’t forget to save the date and join us at our virtual pub.

Free virtual drinks for everyone!

If you are interested in taking part at this event (big or samll) contact us at info@cryptomoneyexpo.com

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