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Mind the Gap Virtual Seminar for Professionals in the banking and crypto industry

Final 2 days till Mind the Gap Virtual Seminar for Professionals in the banking and crypto industry. Save the date April 10th ! We are so happy and shocked by the feedback of acceptance of the event with Attendees from the Banking sector even as far as Visa and American ...

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Basics: Bitcoin and Apple Pay Comparison

Like most people, you might consider going online to pay for all of your products and services. The online world gives you access to options and opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere. Two examples are Bitcoin and Apple Pay. Bitcoin has existed for a while now, but Apple Pay has ...

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The Current State of Bitcoin


There is a constant uncertainty and mystery surrounding bitcoin- a type of digital currency that lets people perform transactions without any middlemen, aka banks or other regulatory/administrative agencies. Ever since bitcoin went open source in 2009, there has been persistent buzz surrounding this controversial virtual currency; while there are those ...

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We The Dollar raised $ 50,000 USD Investment for a “Hybrid Social Media Groupism Platform”

We The Dollar, a new Social Media Crypto project which aims to unleash the potential of  the “NXT Blockchain” combined with “Information Capital & Mobile Money”, has raised  an intial $50,000 USD of stage 1 investment to deliver a full proof-of-concept pilot for a “Hybrid Social Media Groupism Platform”.

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Darkcoin launches Ambassadors Group

The Darkcoin Ambassadors Group (DAG) is a group of world-wide volunteers dedicated to educating the general public about the benefits of Darkcoin. It will make concrete the already excellent relationship between the developers and the Darkcoin community. The DAG will act as the bridge from the cryptosphere to the public ...

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