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Black Arrow Software: 14nm Bitcoin Asic

Black-Arrow-Bitcoin-Mining-Minion-ASIC29/08/2014, Shenzhen, China; Black Arrow, a Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, announces that it has been working towards building its next generation Bitcoin ASIC since the tapeout of its last ASIC (March 2014) and it has now set a tape-out
date: December 2014.

This new Bitcoin ASIC will use the 14nm FinFet process and the power consumption target is 0.3J/Ghash at chip level.
Black Arrow has enlarged the team that made Minion ASIC a success and now has obtained support from one of the leading foundry that is able to tape out 14nm FinFet.

Work has already started on the backend of the chip in order to port the Minion RTL into 14nm process. Black Arrow has added several improvements to its ASIC code: the chip manager features now has more commands and SHA256 engine is in the process of improving the power consumption by fully utilizing the new features of the cutting edge 14nm process.

The schedule tape-out date is set to December 2014 with wafers scheduled to be completed in April 2015. Chips will be ready to be shipped in May 2015.

Black Arrow Ltd has already a proven track record in successfully manufacture Bitcoin mining hardware at extremely competitive prices using shorter full lifecycle than their competition without compromising the top quality required the highly-competitive niche market.

Black Arrow’s expertise in software engineering, hardware design, manufacture and customer support lead to develop unique solutions addressed to technology savvy clients. Their customized solutions are encompassing the most advanced lithography. The end result is a strong contender for achieving a reliable mining and high revenue backed by reduced costs and with high expectations on the customer satisfaction front.

In order to make this project a success story, Black Arrow is now actively looking for fair joint venture partners including other Bitcoin ASIC companies who were unable to gain access to this process node or who wish to share the cost of the mask.

– press release Black Arrow

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